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Video Analytics products

Video Analytics.

This is software developed in order to help a security officer or system manager revise hours of surveillance that he/she may not have time to watch. It helps you find the useful incidents that have been captured. The video analysis improves the efficiency of your surveillance system, helps you capture the full value of your security footage, and reduces your workload by improving your IP cameras intelligence.

Video analytics can be used for:

  • Motion detection
  • Recognizing long lines at checkout and sending alerts

  • People counting & dwell time monitoring for retail stores

  • Facial recognition & license plate reading

Building Business Value in Loss Prevention!

How Video Analytics Software Works

A videos analytic software can be obtained in several ways such as installing it on your NVR, your camera or purchasing it as a third party software. Whichever one you choose offer the same feature but take note to monitor activities recorded. However, they may work in different ways depending on the producer or brand but also remember to set up the alert notification system so whenever the software detects a threat it can alert you.

Smarter Preventative Protection

 to Keep Valuable Assets Safe

How Video Analytics Can Help You

The video management software has replaced the old method where a security officer has to sit and watch an entire collection of security camera feed live from different locations. This method is not reliable because the security officer cannot capture all that is going on even if you employ more than two officers, this is because their level of responsiveness may be different and they may miss an important thing in just a blink of the eye and so the software was created to monitor the feed round the clock giving you notice when something dangerous has been detected. This new method helps you save energy, time and cost as there is no need to employ someone who will sit all day watching security feeds.

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