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 High Definition CCTV Systems

How NVRs and DVRs Work

Network Video Recorders and Digital Video Recorders have the very same job of saving and storing videos, but they are designed to work with different security cameras. Both Network Video Recorders and Digital Video Recorders come in form factors — a tower server, a rack mount server or a standalone appliance.
Digital Video Recorders are used in analog video surveillance systems. Contemporary security systems use DVRs to convert video streams into digital formats, letting you store a lot more videos. DVRs also provide the convenience of remote access and viewing, common on modern IP cameras and Network Video Recorders.
Network Video Recorders use the local area network to send and receive data and are perfect for remotely viewing your video security system from your PC, iPhone, or tablet.

View the world in High Definition

Network video security solutions are the future of business and home security. Our Network Video Recorders support 4K, 2K and Full HD resolution and real-time recording on all 4 channels at 30 frames per second. View what your security cameras see or play recorded video no matter where you are. Network Video Recorders can also be customized to forward you motion initiated push notifications or email alerts to keep you up-to-date of events around your premises. Each Network Video Recorder comes with a preinstalled surveillance grade hard drives that can store months of footage.

Performance-optimized network video solutions that never compromise on quality.

Record video locally. Manage system remotely.

All-in-one video security devices that present intelligence to a broad range of video security deployments. These security solutions offer onboard storage, advanced video analytics and remote management capabilities for centralized monitoring applications.

Advanced Digital Video Recording and Surveillance Equipment.

Remote monitoring via PC, IPhone, IPad and Smartphone.

Digital Video Recorders offer cutting edge technology with state-of-the-art security features such as motion triggered recording, real-time recording at 30fps, and HD recording. Our DVRs are designed for use with analog high definition security cameras. Access your live streaming video from the Digital Video Recorder on a wide range of smartphones and personal computers.

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