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 Complete IP Security Solutions

IP Cameras

IP technology provides a continuous stable real-time streaming of video and static images from an area by means of a LAN or the Internet. IP-based streaming video surveillance gives a chance to see and react to circumstances all the more viably and moderately, by means of the Internet.

Benefits of IP Surveillance:

  • Up to 16-megapixel image resolution
  • Generates sharp and true images at every scale

  • Built in sensors and 2-way audio
  • Access control integration

  • Scalable and expandable

  • Functionality upgrades with analytic software

Crystal Clear HD Video Quality

Prevalent image quality

Regardless of whether you’re capturing video in the daylight, virtual obscurity or neither daylight nor darkness, our advanced IP cameras are ready and built for the task. You generally get perfectly clear images on account of a mishmash of cutting edge features such as the progressive scan, True Day/Night, and High Dynamic Range innovation. The most well-known IP cameras communicate at resolutions of 720p (1.0 megapixel or 1280X720) and 1080p (2.0 megapixel or 1920X1080). The resolution quality is great and superb with IP cameras particularly when utilizing cameras at 3.0 megapixel or higher

High Definition IP Video Surveillance Solutions

Easy integration, Scalability, and Flexibility

IP Cameras are additionally simple to integrate into an existing system. In the event that you need to have a camera observing your front anteroom or front entryway you can introduce one camera and connect it to your switch or they even have remote IP cameras that will interface with your remote switch over your Wi-Fi connection
In a situation where an analog camera experiences issues delivering an unmistakable face or can’t read a license plate from a far range, HD IP cameras create a significantly better image with a higher resolution which makes recognizable proof substantially less demanding.

Our indoor and outdoor IP cameras make it possible to view your property remotely, from anyplace on the planet. Utilize our free mobile app or the simple to utilize IP camera software to start seeing your feed live in no time.

Easy integration, Scalability, and Flexibility

If by chance you have properties close to a college or university campus and you might want the camera system to be linked together to a similar system, then we can make use of an existing system between the structures or we can introduce a different system between the structures utilizing a remote system connect When all structures are connected we can introduce different IP cameras on each working to give more noteworthy coverage within and around the property. This should be possible at locations with large areas as well as smaller locales where they may just have two structures to connect together.

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