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 Electronic Access Control Solutions

Access Card Security Solution

Effective security of your facility should ideally begin at the entrance. Every second you see someone(be it a client, employee or visitor) walk through the main door, the risk of losing assets increases. The possibility of someone to be found where they shouldn’t also increase with each entry.
To prevent the entry of potential thieves or property destroyers into your building, installing an electronic entry control System is the way to go.

Regardless of how big your firm is, our entry control solutions ensure that your facility, cold rooms, stores and so on are only open to approved individuals. Our control System has the added function of recording an updated details of who visited your building and the areas he or she went to including how long they were around. Even if it’s a tiny room in an office or a global company with different branches, our measurable entry control solutions greatly improve your means of protecting your manpower, properties, and assets.

Phone Alerts

With the introduction of an automated notification to our clients’ phones, our entry control systems have the ability to activate its attitudinal alarms and promptly alerts you on the enhancement of the security personnel’s time of response to security issues in your facility. It’s important to see every moment as important.

Limitless Scalability

As a firm with great foresight and one who looks at the big picture, we adopted the system of structuring your entry control system from the bottom so that with every growth in your operations, it would scale too. Thus, expanding your facility does not in any way have an effect on our solutions.

Maximize the Adaptability and Extendability

of IP Network

Keypads and Card Readers

Our range of close keypad readers, fingerprint sensors or scanners and keypads provides an accurate authentication of the identity of a user and his clearance levels before being allowed to enter. Another method is to design your control systems to request for more than one cards or codes to be placed at different links for an extra level of security.

Hardware & Locks

We employ the use of long lasting, tamper immune door strike and door locks with electromagnetic systems in our entry control systems. These door locks are highly recommended for internal and external doors and can be easily fixed every door frame.

Identity Tags and Cards

Set aside many card keys and assign it to one user with specific clearance levels and speedily design identity cards for newcomers or guests in the software link. This ability to be versatile or flexible further emphasizes the simplicity of entry control.

Software For Entry Control

Our dynamic and simple entry control software equips you with the required knowledge to take professional decisions about smoothening the day to day operations of your business.

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