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 Security Cameras, Video Surveillance & Access Control Systems in Edmonton

Security Camera System Installation Services in Edmonton, Alberta

Nimble Planet Ltd is the leading video surveillance and electronic access control system installer in Edmonton, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Fort Saskatchewan, Spruce Grove, Leduc, Camrose, Wetaskiwin, Cold Lake, Strathcona, Lloydminster and many more. We are the best choice if you want to protect your property. Our security systems are scalable, affordable and deployed by experienced and skilled technicians. Whether you are looking to update an old CCTV or Access Control System with something newer or you are starting from scratch, you will find our affordable services and skilled installers ready to help.
Advances in CCTV camera system technologies offer video quality that rivals professional movies. Many security cameras can even capture high-quality images in low light. With the new generation of IP surveillance cameras available, you no longer need to worry about blurry images or complicated camera placement. You will always know that should the unexpected happen, you have undeniable evidence and verifiable images.

Security camera options are also more flexible than ever before:

  • Fish-eye lenses offer wide views to ensure comprehensive coverage.
  • Bullet security cameras are available that record HD video from discrete, undetectable locations.

  • PTZ cameras capture entire parking lots with automatic patrol settings and up to 30x optical zoom.

Video Surveillance Systems and Security Cameras Installation

We offer the best quality surveillance equipment at the most competitive prices.

Video Surveillance FAQ

Yes, we can! We have solutions that will integrate your existing analog or network system into one larger single system. We can even replace your current cameras with HD cameras using existing wiring. Old Analog camera system upgrades have been very popular due to the cost savings of reusing the existing wiring.

We can tailor a video surveillance system around any of your needs. The best practice is to keep 30 days of footage available. Some industries require more time due to federal regulations. We can accommodate any length of time needed.

Yes, all camera systems that we install give you the ability to view the camera stream from your iPhone, Tablet or PC. But you do need to have an internet connection at the property where the camera system is located.

 We not only sell surveillance equipment at competitive rates but also service it as well if issues arise down the road.  We also provide phone support.

night vision security camera CCTV cameras require some form of lighting in order to capture images.  Most security cameras have built-in IR lights, and when it gets dark, the infrared lights turn on and produce light similar to a flood light, illuminating the security camera’s field of view with IR light. Additional external lighting can also be used to help security cameras see at night.

There are several factors that will contribute to the number of surveillance cameras that will be required in order to survey a particular area. Common factors are visual obstructions, area to be covered, lighting condition, level of detail to be captured etc. The best way to make this determination is to schedule a free site assessment.

surveillance systems cameraDome Security Cameras are named for their dome-like shape. These security cameras are commonly used in video security systems inside and outside of retail stores, casinos, homes, and restaurants. Dome cameras are either wall mounted or ceiling mounted. The camera is hidden inside a transparent dome which can be tinted to hide the camera position. Dome Security Cameras are very popular because they’re compact and easy to install.

surveillance cameraBullet CCTV Cameras are named because of their shape and size. As the name suggests, bullet cameras protrude outwards like a gun’s barrel. Bullet cameras usually have a longer range and are weatherproof. They are more suitable for viewing bigger areas such as parking lots and backyards.

Residential and Commercial Smart Security Systems

A complete, end-to-end security and surveillance solutions.

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Surveillance Systems FAQ

The DVR is a special computer that records video from analog surveillance cameras to one or more HDDs. The Didigat Video Recorder used in the security industry has a specific number of BNC connectors to attach analog cameras. Digital Video Recorders are available with 4, 8 16, 32 and 64 channels. This means that you have a specific number of cams that can be supported by one DVR. Once you connect a maximum number of analog cameras, you will need to add another Digital Video Recorder to your system. DVRs can be connected to the local area network and can be viewed remotely using a Windows PC.

A network video recorder is similar to a Video Server system, but instead of using a Windows PC, it uses a dedicated special computer with an operating system and special software that is dedicated to recording and playing the video. It is a fully digital surveillance system and records the digital videos received over the IP network on to a hard drive. NVR usually has a graphical user interface, playback capability, flexible recording, pan-tilt-zoom surveillance camera control capability and intelligent motion detection. The NVR usually uses Linux, but there are some that use Windows as well.

The majority of Digital Video Recorders and Network Video Recorders are compatible with smartphones and iPhones. In most cases, the remote viewing is achieved via a downloaded application. Please note the quality and speed of the image via a remote connection is very much dependant on the speed of the internet connection and the recorder’s compression type.

The majority of NVR’s are MAC compatible. Although, there are models in the industry that are not MAC compatible. Just make sure to mention this when speaking to our security specialists.

– NVRs connect to the computer network via Cat5 cable and so does all the IP cameras.
– DVRs utilize coax connections to each of the analog cameras

They both record video and offer the similar options but they utilize different transmission methods.

PTZ CCTV Cameras allow you to control the pan, tilt and zoom operations of the security camera lens through Digital Video Recorder or remotely. PTZ Security Cameras have the ability to move down, up, left, right, and zoom.

Costs vary on size and requirements. Systems can be tailored to fit your requirements and budget.

The maintenance is limited. The NVR, lens, monitors and surveillance cameras should be kept clean for better video.

Card Access Control Systems.

Selecting the right door access control system can be very challenging with all the different products and trying to figure out what rooms or areas you want to be restricted and what areas we want to be left open.

Access Control Systems. Installation, Inspection and Maintenance.

Our company has many years of experience making sure we can assist you with all of these questions that you might have. We know what products will protect you, how long the access control system will take to install and we can figure out the best doors to have proximity card or fob readers installed on to secure an area.

We have a lot of different products for every situation so you should never feel you don’t have options. Not only do we provide you with the Proximity Card Readers but we also supply comprehensive Biometric Access Control Systems ranging from fingerprint ID systems, retina scanners, face recognition devices, and palm geometry.

All the access control systems we provide have advanced software that enables you to track your employees or visitors and know when they are coming and going. You can limit individuals to zoned areas by giving them, programmed proximity key cards or proximity key fobs. The benefit of this is so you can assign proximity cards times to work with the card reader. Each proximity card is unique and individually assignable to different doors or groups of doors. Since most companies have staff working not the same hours these days you can have full control to monitor employees are coming and going and at what times. You will also be able to set individual access control cards to work around the hours you specify. If a card is lost or stolen it can be disabled from unlocking all doors so that security of the area is not compromised.

Access Control FAQ

Access control system is a computer system that is used to grant access to authorized people and deny unauthorized entry to a building.  Usually, it is used by employers to secure their office or other buildings where employees use key fobs or key cards to gain entry.

The card reader and electric strike are installed at the door and wired into a controller. The access controller checks permissions and manages the door hardware. The operator of the system configures access management settings, authorized people, schedules, and view information about the current and historical system events.

No.  Card Access control systems can be used on garage doors, gates, elevators, turnstiles, parking arms,  vehicles or machines and other applications.

Card Acess Systems can be equipped with battery backup for the controllers, door locks and card readers to maintain functionality during a power outage. Otherwise, doors can still be opened from the inside or by manual keys.

If a fob or card is stolen or lost, the system operator can suspend or delete the card/fob through the access management software.  The card cannot be used and any further attempted use can be alerted to the operator.

Yes.  Normally customers re-key their doors after installing an access control system to account for lost or unaccounted for keys.

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