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 CCTV Security Cameras, Video Surveillance & Access Control Systems. Sales and Installation in Calgary.

Access Control Systems  & CCTV Security Camera installation in Calgary

Nimble Planet Ltd is the leading CCTV video surveillance systems, security cameras, gate control systems and card access control  supplier and installer in Calgary. Our security camera systems are reliable, and installed by trained and skilled technicians. If you are looking to replace an old CCTV Security Camera System or Access Control System with something better or you are looking to install new one, you will find our reliable video surveillance equipment and professional installers ready to help.
Our CCTV systems offer video quality that rivals professional movies. Our security cameras can even capture high-quality images in low light. Our IP surveillance cameras produce clear images and can withstand harsh weather conditions. You will always know that should the unexpected happen, you have reliable video evidence and clear images.

Security camera options are also more flexible than ever before:

  • Fish-eye camera lenses offer wide views to ensure comprehensive coverage.

  • Bullet security  cameras are available that record FHD video and can withstand harsh weather.

  • PTZ Security Cameras can capture entire parking lots with automatic patrol functions and up to 45x optical zoom.

Surveillance Systems and Security Cameras  Installation in Calgary

We offer reiable security cameras and DVRs at great prices.

Can You Integrate With My Existing Security Camera System?

Yes, we can! We have solutions that will integrate your existing analog or network system into one bigger system. Our installers can even replace your existing CCTV cameras with HD cameras using existing wiring. Old Analog security camera system upgrades have been very popular due to the cost savings of reusing the existing wiring.

Video Surveillance Storage: How Much Is Enough?

We can tailor a CCTV video surveillance system around any of your needs. Most recorders can keep 30 days of footage. Some industries require more time due to federal regulations. We can accommodate any length of time needed.

Advanced Card  Access Control Systems.

Selecting the right door access control system can be very challenging with all the different products and trying to figure out what rooms or areas you want to be restricted and what areas we want to be left open.

Access Control Systems. Installation, Inspection and Maintenance.

Our team has many years of experience making sure we can assist you with all of these questions that you might have. We know what products will protect you better.

We have a lot of different access control solutions for every situation so you should never feel you don’t have options. We sell and install Proximity Card Readers, biometric readers, electric strikes,  fingerprint ID systems, retina scanners, face recognition devices, and palm geometry.

Our access control systems have reliable software that enables you to track your employees or visitors and know when they are coming and going. You can limit individuals to zoned areas by giving them, programmed proximity key cards. The benefit of this is so you can assign proximity cards times to work with the card reader. Each card is unique and individually assignable to different doors or groups of doors. Since most companies have staff working not the same hours these days you can have full control to monitor employees are coming and going and at what times. You will also be able to set individual access control cards to work around the hours you specify. If a card is lost or stolen it can be disabled from unlocking all doors so that security of the area is not compromised.

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