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Warehouse and Distribution Facility Security Systems

Nimble Planet Ltd realizes how complex the operations are that run your warehouse and distribution centers. A single glitch can cause a cascading effect and end up causing tremendous delays and costing you many thousands of dollars. This is why we have come up with cutting-edge solutions to remedy threats that could affect your supply chain. We have security experts who specialize in warehouse and distribution centers and facilities. They are highly experienced in identifying security risks in these types of operations and can design and implement a vital surveillance infrastructure to protect your millions of dollars in merchandise passing through your warehouse and distribution center every day.

Safeguarding your logistical and inventory operations is a crucial aspect of the security solutions that Nimble Planet Ltd provides, along with combatting the huge losses that come from cargo theft, inventory shrinkage, internal theft, break-ins and burglary. We offer integrated, access control solutions and cost-effective video surveillance customized to your specific needs so that you can get the most from your security investment.

Whether you’re concerned about protecting a number of warehouse facilities and distribution centers across Canada or have just one inventory stockroom, Nimble Planet offers a variety of solutions to ensure workplace safety and enhance your loss prevention efforts while staying within your budgetary requirements.

Video Surveillance for Warehouse and Storage Security
Thieves often target warehouses, something that plagues storage facilities as well, which mean they could certainly benefit from video surveillance systems. When you have large buildings throughout an extensive complex, it does pose significant challenges in securing them. With properly placed security cameras, managers and warehouse owners can keep an eye on at-risk areas to minimize the risk of theft.

Benefits of Warehouse Security Cameras

Deter and reduce theft – Installing warehouse security cameras with noticeable surveillance will certainly deter most thieves, reducing your losses from theft.
Increase security – With IP security cameras the security measures you already have in place become more productive and flexible. When you install security cameras in your warehouse(s) your security guards are more freed up to patrol the property and play a more active role in protecting your building(s) rather than looking at monitors hour after hour.
Monitor Remotely – Network video recorders enable you to view the footage taken by your surveillance cameras from remote locations because it’s hooked up to the Internet. This works extremely well if you’re managing multiple warehouses or an extremely large warehouse. An NVR enables you to monitor any one of your security cameras at any time.

By letting us know which aisles need monitoring and the size of your warehouse, we can figure out how many security cameras would be needed and where they should be mounted. It’s important for us to know where you plan on mounting the DVR since there are certain limitations when running analog CCTV cameras. If you’re going to be running 50+ meters of cable, it only makes sense to use IP security cameras.

Most businesses with a lot of warehouse space prefer having bullet cameras installed, but some use PTZ cameras and/or dome cameras as well. Bullet cameras easily adapt to changing situations because you can adjust the lens and the bracket, they can see in the dark and withstand extreme changes in temperature and other changes in weather.