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Access Control Systems and Video Surveillance for Schools & Educational Institutions

Securing schools and the campuses of other educational facilities has drastically changed in the last ten years, with all the risks they currently face. With budgets being tight it’s not easy integrating today’s surveillance solution with a seriously out-of-date infrastructure.

Nimble Planet Ltd takes a multilayered proactive approach to school security, stretching resources as far as possible to protect students, teachers, staff and campuses from security threats both internal and external. The school video security system solutions we install are specifically built to provide a safe environment for learning so students and teachers won’t worry about intruders gaining access who might do them harm.

Whether you have one school that needs security, every school in your district or the colleges and university campuses across your province, our team of surveillance specialists will engineer and design a highly effective scalable video security solution for you that allows you to maximize your budget.

Video Surveillance Systems for Schools

It is extremely important that schools maintain the tightest of security to ensure that students, teachers, and administrators are safe and secure. Violence has unfortunately become a major threat, which cannot be ignored and this is why it is vital for schools, academies, college campuses and other educational institutions to have a good video surveillance system installed. With our expertise as security integrators for schools, we have the knowledge and know-how to make sure schools are protected against threats from intruders, student misbehavior, violence and crime.

The expert security system installers at Nimble Planet Ltd offer complete support to your school with in-depth services such as security evaluations, project consultation, wireless network design and configuration, site security audits, and security integration.


School video surveillance offers the following benefits and more:

Prevents intruders from gaining entrance to school property

Discourages students from misbehaving or acting out

Deters criminal behavior

School can be monitored remotely with tablet or smartphone

Ensures that students, teachers and administrators are safe

Provides Parents with Peace-of-Mind: Parents can feel confident that their children are safe at school when you have a comprehensive video surveillance system to monitor what’s going on. School districts have an obligation to keep students, teachers and administrators safe by doing everything they can to mitigate threats.

Faster Response Times: Security personnel are able to act quickly when the visibility across campus is maximized. They can act quickly to stop vandalism, prevent violence and confront suspicious people trying to gain access. The goal is to make sure there is a safe environment in which students can focus on learning and teachers can teach.

Enhance Campus Safety: Good school surveillance solutions create a much safer campus, spanning the parking lot to the athletic field and all the buildings in between. Our security systems will deter unwanted intruders from gaining access to your campus and provide your security personnel with what they need to keep your students and teachers safe and secure.

Monitor to Watch Those On Campus: The school security systems we design and install will enable you to quickly set your access permission levels and monitor access cards for students, teachers, administrators, visitors and vendors, allowing you to know exactly who is on campus, where they are now or where they were earlier. Unwelcome people will be prevented from entering your buildings.