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Security Camera Systems for Transportation

Centralized Monitoring

In any transport system serving the public, it is vital that those in charge of maintaining security have a full overview of the surveillance network. With a Nimble Planet VMS, the control center can watch over remote installations and receive notifications should there be an incident at one of their sites.

Not Just Video Surveillance

4k IP Cameras: These can cover larger areas using fewer cameras, allowing security personnel to identify persons of interest. When the public knows there is an excellent surveillance system in place, it deters criminal activity on the property, like graffiti, vandalism while improving the safety of passengers.

Improved Monitoring Capabilities

State-of-the-art features can offer a full overview of an entire transport network. With security personnel having the ability to share images across several screens, it increases knowledge sharing and situational awareness. When incidents do happen, this assists the coordination and planning of the response.

With terrorism on the rise, new challenges are facing subway station security as well as security at and on trains. Video surveillance systems need to perform better with higher resolution images that capture more detail. If cutting-edge video analytics are properly applied this can reduce the need for so many security personnel. Nimble Planet Ltd engineers and designs the type of systems that have advanced video analytics. These allow for the monitoring of behavioral trends and deviant behavior, while acting as a deterrent on potential criminals. Security teams can now monitor entire areas without even being present with the help of customized alerts being sent according to your specific criteria.

Our security solutions for train and subway stations offer the following  

Detection of Unattended Objects: An alarm is immediately generated whenever an unattended object shows up in a defined area

Scene Change Detection: Be instantly notified if anyone moves a camera

Our highly skilled team can customize a security system to meet your needs no matter what the application. Our objective is to help you provide your travelers and employees a safe secure environment.

CCTV Surveillance for Train & Subway Stations

We have extensive experience in the transportation industry, having provided solid and reliable security camera solutions for train stations, subways, ports, mass transit systems and city buses. We are veterans at security integration so we fully understand the kind of threats facing the transportation sector, which include harassment, petty crime, vandalism and liability lawsuits. We design security solutions that protect transportation systems against security threats and allow them to offer a much safer environment for passengers.

We begin with a consultation on your project so that we can customize the services to your needs. These include a complete site security assessment, wireless network design, configuration, installation support, and end-user training. Our comprehensive services offer a trustworthy and reliable security solution.

Transportation video surveillance offers the following benefits:

Helps deter criminals to prevent crime 
Prevents graffiti and vandalism
Creates a much safer situation for passengers
Holds staff accountable for their behavior and responsibilities
Allows for off-site remote viewing from a tablet or smartphone
Lowers liability in instances of passenger injury