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Video Surveillance for Sporting Events

Any type of event that involves large numbers of people creates a target for potential criminal activity, which means that sporting events make prime targets. Authorities must take all precautions to ensure that these events run smoothly, that crowds are under control, and that any large-scale threats like terrorist activity is thwarted. Safety is of utmost importance before, during and after the event. Video surveillance is a vital tool for ensuring the safety and security of players, fans, employee as well as the facilities.

Benefits Offered by Stadium CCTV

Easy to install: Setting up a large facility like a stadium with a good IP video surveillance system is fairly easy when it comes to installation and integration. Today’s IP Cameras can by placed practically anywhere inside and outside the sporting complex and easily communicate via an IP network.

Entrances and Exits are Safe: A huge number of people attend sporting events and this sometimes causes uncomfortable incidents at entrances and exits. IP security cameras will effectively monitor the high-traffic areas to ensure that everyone entering and leaving the facility are safe.

Provides Crowd Control: Fans can become highly emotional at sporting events. When you have video surveillance cameras installed the stands can be monitored for fights and other disturbances that pose a safety threat.

Protects the Players: People in the stands have been known to throw objects at players and even attack them physically so players are always at risk. HD video surveillance can spot these types of activities and alert security so they can prevent the situation from escalating.

Deters Terrorism: Many consider sporting events to be prime targets for acts of terrorism. With HD surveillance cameras security personnel has a great tool to keep this from happening. Intelligent video analytics like facial recognition can scan the crowds coming and going and in the stands for known felons.

Remote Monitoring: Today’s IP video surveillance systems enable video footage to be transmitted through the Internet. This allows security personnel to control cameras from a remote location and monitor the footage remotely using a computer connected to the Internet.  

Ensuring that spectators and fans remain safe in stadiums where the crowds can reach 50,000 or more is no easy task. This normally requires a huge number of security cameras, perhaps in the hundreds. The HD Pro cameras that we install cover large areas so that suspicious activity can easily be spotted. Our access management solution allows security personnel to easily control access to restricted areas, keeping the wrong people out.

With Just 10 Security Cameras You Can Monitor up to 50,000 People

One of our 30 MP HD Pro cameras can do the work of 90 conventional analog cameras, offering broader coverage with far fewer cameras. Installation, as well as maintenance costs, can be minimized while greatly improving performance. Enjoy the spectacle.

Scan and Zoom into Quickly Spot Trouble

With zoom and advanced search capabilities, it is quite easy to spot disruptions in the stadium and respond quickly. This offers the fastest most effective search in the security industry, allowing you to keep disruptions and fights to a minimum and spectators and players safe.

Manage Access From Just About Anywhere

The Access Control Systems we install are Internet-based, so you have the freedom to monitor restricted access and manage access from just about anywhere, all you need is an Internet connection. You do not need to stay in a control room at a workstation.