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Video Surveillance Systems and Access Control for Manufacturing Plants

Manufacturing facilities face a unique set of security challenges, things like tampering or theft of cargo, machinery, and equipment. We design our system to guard against these threats and at the same time monitor operations for worker safety and assembly line efficiency.

Our highly innovative team of security engineers offer project consulting on customized surveillance solutions and installation support. Our efforts are attuned to the needs of small, medium-sized and large manufacturers.

The benefits of today’s surveillance solutions for manufacturers are the following:

  • Reduce and prevent theft
  • Protect building as well the assets
  • View and assess everyday operations
  • Monitor employee activity
  • Save time by managing site remotely

Industrial Manufacturing

Manufacturing facilities, factories and plants are finding that both security and safety benefits can be derived from the implementation of video surveillance and access control systems.

While external theft issues with regard to raw materials being taken from facilities is still high, internal theft and the safety and security of personnel is usually just as much an issue and possibly more of a problem than external theft. Many companies use security guards in an attempt to mitigate these threats but often find that their security needs far exceed what they can afford to pay security guards.

From a financial standpoint, companies can place video surveillance cameras all around their plant to monitor and record activity from 25 to 30 different spots simultaneously, for less money than what they would have to pay a single security guard to watch just one area of the plant at a time. By using video surveillance and access control systems to enhance the security of the plant, materials, inventory, tools, equipment and property as well as improve the safety and security of employees, the company saves money, which allows them to be more competitive in the marketplace.

How Factories Can Benefit from CCTV Security Cameras

Prevents Losses: Spend your time and money by being pro-active in preventing losses, rather than trying to recover them and prosecute the perpetrators. Video Surveillance Systems definitely act as a deterrent to theft and enhance safety when employees, visitors and vendors know they’re being videoed.
Maintains Quality Control: Manufacturing plants and facilities have been using security cameras for many years to monitor assembly lines, whether it is for the manufacturing of electronics or automobiles. Megapixel cameras producing high-resolution images are allowing for improved quality control due to the close scrutiny of video surveillance.
Remote Monitoring: The latest video surveillance systems are usually accessed and operated across a network. It might be a localized network or one covering a wide area. This means the video feed, whether it’s recorded or live, can be looked at or reviewed from a remote location, anywhere really. Companies with multiple locations find this very useful because it saves a lot of travel time going to all the locations.
Improves Workplace Safety: In most manufacturing plants and facility, safety is the #1 priority. When you have video surveillance cameras strategically placed you can see how employees are behaving to make sure they are following safety rules and procedures. This protects them while helping the employer avoid losses and lawsuits.