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Video Surveillance and Access Control for Commercial Businesses

Whether you have a tiny neighborhood shop, a chain of small businesses, an office complex or industrial warehouse, you are faced with security concerns that can range from graffiti and vandalism to employee theft.

Our highly experienced security team is here to help design a comprehensive video surveillance system for your business that will meet your specific needs. We have both IP and analog solutions, which can be customized to address your concerns. The system we design will be highly scalable so that it can grow along with your business.

With many years working in the security industry delivering top-notch video surveillance solutions, we know the security risks that businesses encounter in running their operation. These risks include vandalism, liability, theft, and dishonest employees. We would be honored to work with you to create an effective security plan to mitigate any threats to your security, so your business has the protection it needs.

The services we provide include on-site security audits, recommendations for type and placement of cameras, system configuration, design of a wireless network, installation support, and whatever else is needed. We also provide ongoing technical support and unmatched customer service.

Commercial video surveillance can provide additional security for your business in many different ways.

The added benefits of having video security cameras are as follows:

Reduces theft – This is especially true in retail shops, but in all kinds of businesses as well. Video security cameras certainly give thieves pause and have been proven to reduce shoplifting and theft across all aspects of a business.
Provides 24/7 security – A small business video surveillance system will safeguard your business around the clock. If you employ shift workers, or your business is vulnerable to vandalism or burglaries at night, your video security cameras are working hard day and night to protect you.
Increases Productivity – When employees know their actions are being captured by security video cameras, they are more apt to stay focused on their work. With a digital video system you can monitor your cameras off-site remotely. This allows you to keep an eye on your operation from wherever there is an Internet connection.

Billions of dollars are lost every year by business in raw materials, inventory, and man-hours to theft, whether it is internal or external. Losses also occur from workplace accidents, equipment damage and the cost of investigating these situations. Faced with the potential of such huge losses, most businesses seek out innovative ways to mitigate their risk. Incorporating a video surveillance system in with your existing industrial or commercial security operations is a fairly simple, but vital measure to safeguard your business against these potential threats.

The engineers at Nimble Planet design customized commercial and industrial security systems that have the lowest cost of ownership, which means you can expect an excellent return on investment. If you have a commercial or industrial business we will help secure your vital areas of operation, safeguard company assets and profits while protecting employees no matter what your security budget happens to be.

Whether you’re concerned about monitoring one small building or a huge chain of factories, we will tailor an end-to-end top-notch video surveillance solution to meet your needs while staying within your budget.

We offer affordable security camera systems customized to small businesses that provide HD quality images with features ranging from very basic to highly advanced.  When it comes to surveillance camera systems, you can rely on Nimble Planet to design a security solution that meets your needs and falls within your budget.