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Farm Security Camera Systems

Farm security cameras are necessary if you expect to effectively combat thieves or burglars on your farm or ranch. Reports show that three out of four farmers have been victimized in the past decade. Law enforcement agencies in rural areas recommend installing farm security cameras to successfully battle this problem.
Deciding to have a farm security camera system installed shouldn’t be difficult if you’ve suffered financial losses as a result of farm thieves. But you may be wondering what type of security cameras would be best for your specific farm. What factors should you take under consideration?
Security is extremely important when you have a farm or any type of agricultural property. When you have good farm video surveillance you can run your operation more smoothly knowing that your products are safe for consumers, that your animals are kept safe and secure, and that your facilities and equipment are protected against misuse and harm.

Farm Security Camera Systems Alberta – Choose the Best Theft Protection.
Our farm security system instantly picks up on any potential dangers occurring on your farm, decides whether the incident poses any threat, and acts accordingly.

When you have IP security cameras installed on your farmland, you always have access to view your farm using your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone and/or any other remote devices. You only need to log onto your farm security camera app to see your farmland from wherever you happen to be. Furthermore, you can set it up to get real-time alerts through e-mails and push notifications whenever your security camera system detects a motion event, which allows you to take immediate action.

Protect Your Farm
It makes it a lot easier to protect your farm when you have a yard security camera system that operates 24/7. Our camera systems are specifically designed to protect your farm and all its assets. There is a lot of expensive equipment and other assets spread across farm properties and out buildings. Trying to protect such a large area and broad array of assets is not easy and can also be very expensive.
The approach we take is to do all we can with the fewest number of cameras. Nimble Planet Ltd has a large variety of camera models along with wireless systems so that we can customize the perfect system to fulfill your needs.

What Video Security Surveillance for Farms and Acreage Provides

Monitors your property for intruders – When your farm security cameras are strategically placed they will capture an image of anyone who enters your property. This will ensure that only people who are authorized workers have access to your farm and all its facilities.
Safeguards water supplies – When you’re in the agricultural business, protecting your water supply is vital. Farm security cameras serve a unique purpose in safeguarding water supplies.
Deters break-ins – Installing farm surveillance on your property will discourage thieves from breaking in. For intruders who don’t notice the cameras, your surveillance footage will record them breaking in.
Prevents theft – Placing farm security cameras where your holding and calving pens are, in tool shops and around gates will go a long way in preventing thieves from making off with your animals and/or equipment.
Monitors daily farm operations – Having well-placed security cameras will ensure that your daily farm operations like feeding and milking go smoothly.
Monitors employees – Video surveillance is a very effective tool in monitoring employees and their behavior so that you can verify whether they’re doing their job properly.
Remote video playback – When you have an IP-based surveillance system, you can monitor your farm remotely. The footage is digitally stored, which makes it easy to search when you need visual evidence in reporting a crime.

Multiple Sites
You can wirelessly connect our farm security cameras from multiple sites on one farm or across multiple farms. Nimble Planet can design a wireless farm security camera system that will place cameras where they need to be on a single farm or on multiple farms you own or operate.

The farm surveillance cameras we use come with the latest features to ensure that they do a thorough job. Our wide-angle security cameras can patrol your entire property, even in the dark using infrared cameras. Our farm camera systems can capture and record vital images that can be used to help law enforcement should there be an investigation.
We designed our software so that it watching live and recording what you’re seeing is very easy. All videos recorded can be played back from just one camera or shown as a synchronized playback viewed from a series of cameras. All our videos come with a date time stamp as well.
Gaining access, playback of recorded video and backup are all very easy. If you need only part of a video, that portion of the archived video can easily be saved and stored on a flash drive. Law enforcement will not need any special software to view the video.

Nimble Planet Ltd only offers top quality farm security cameras for sale. These are digital cameras, so they have very clear resolution. Our digital cameras come with many useful features like night vision as well as fish eye cameras to scan an entire room at once with just one camera. We can design a very simple security camera system using just one camera placed on a utility pole or we can design a highly complex farm surveillance system using many different cameras, maybe dozens, that can watch a large multi-location farm operation.

Customized Solutions
We can customize a wireless farm security camera system to fit your specific needs. Every farm is different, but they all have assets placed throughout, like hand tools and equipment in the machinery shed, to large quantities of grain stored in bins. These are all at risk unless properly protected. Nimble Planet can install a custom solution to monitor your assets wherever they happen to be on your farm. We have bullet cameras, dome cameras and PTZ cameras available. We have the expertise to know which cameras work most effective in which locations and will place them accordingly so that your assets are fully protected.
It all starts with us coming out for a site review of your entire farm so that we can make a thorough assessment of all your farm assets in order to make recommendations for security camera placement.

How Can I Get a Farm Security System in Alberta?
Contact Nimble Planet Ltd to schedule a FREE consultation for one of our security specialists to come out to your farm to make a complete site assessment.