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Wireless Security Cameras for Construction Sites

Construction sites are inherently risky with many different security issues. These include vandalism, accidents and theft of construction materials like steel, lumber, and copper wire and pipes. To ensure the safety and security of workers, materials and equipment it only makes sense to install a well-planned security system that spans the entire site.

A video surveillance system can easily be set up on a temporary basis to secure the dirty and often wet environment. To manage several construction projects at the same time project managers and site teams like the efficiency of viewing the various sites via the Internet. Once the project is finished, the cameras must now be moved to a new construction site. Most security video systems are not as mobile as this.

Nimble Planet Ltd is uniquely equipped to provide security solutions for construction sites that are both mobile and cost effective. Our construction site surveillance solutions can adapt to your security needs. By using construction site security services that include turnkey equipment like security towers with surveillance cameras in combination with live monitoring by skilled security professionals, we can handle the job.

Construction surveillance is no easy task. With terrorism and theft a constant threat project managers need to verify that workers are doing the job they were hired to do, so placing video surveillance to cover construction sites only makes sense. Without paying a fortune, our surveillance systems can ensure that your valuable materials aren’t being misused or stolen, that your workers are doing an honest day’s work, that everyone on the site is following the construction plans and guidelines. This is the only thing that makes sense when so much money is being invested in a project.

Construction site video surveillance involves installing cameras in critical areas and having personnel monitor the job site. Wireless security cameras are set up to record all activities going on at the site, and then transmit the images to a monitoring center. It’s a straightforward way for protecting the project’s investment in materials and manpower. The surveillance cameras can be easily installed, monitored and maintained and this can improve the security at a work site dramatically. 

Lost time and materials remain a major concern for most construction companies and their investors. Installing CCTV Security Cameras at the construction site make all the difference in the world. Construction sites face some security issues that are unique to the industry. Theft of steel, lumber, copper pipes and other materials is a serious worry on many sites. Vandalism and accidents also plague the construction industry and must be dealt with. And there is always the need to monitor the entire site for suspicious activity. By installing security cameras you can address all these concerns.

Video surveillance cameras provide stakeholders a way to watch time-lapse video of what’s going on at the construction site on a daily basis, day and night. They can see the progress being made and pinpoint potential problems to head them off before they occur. All of this can safeguard the health and safety of the construction workers and play a big part in loss prevention caused by construction delays and unnecessary overruns.