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Casinos and Gaming Houses

Video surveillance is critical in the gaming industry, especially in casinos because the threat of some form of criminal activity occurring is as high as it can get. These types of facilities must be effectively monitored. There is a constant flow of people and large sums of money, which ups the odds of an incident. When you have good surveillance, you increase the level of protection and everyone can enjoy the gaming experience.

There are regulations in place that force casinos to have video surveillance at cashier windows, over gaming tables and in cash counting rooms. Furthermore, there will be monitors at entryways, in parking lots and other areas outside as well as all key sections of the operation. These spots have little space to accommodate equipment and many of them operate with limited or unreliable access to IP bandwidth and/or networks.

We offer network video solutions specifically designed for gaming establishments and casinos that can accommodate a few hundred or up to a few thousand surveillance cameras. Our Casino Enterprise-class security solutions also provide Management Reporting software.

Benefits of Video Security Surveillance for Casinos and Gaming Houses

Easy to install – Because IP cameras work through a network, they’re very flexible and easily installed practically anywhere. Coaxial cables are not needed.

Oversees crowd control – Casinos are constantly flowing with large numbers of people so video surveillance is essential in watching for suspicious activity and/or any kind of disruption.

Monitors questionable players – Casinos are plagued by gamblers seeking to beat the house by hustling and cheating. Wireless security cameras when strategically placed can provide excellent views of all gaming tables, which enable the security team to closely monitor any player that seems suspicious.

Deters theft – Visible surveillance cameras can prevent crime by making would-be thieves and criminals fearful of being captured on video. Video footage helps law enforcement identify the criminals during an investigation.

Employee theft – is always a major worry and this too can be minimized with the proper video surveillance equipment.

Minimizes violence and fights – When you mix large crowds with alcohol and high-stakes gambling, it can lead to aggressive behavior. Video surveillance helps employees spot situations before they get out of hand so security can be called to come and calm things down.

Allows remote monitoring – The latest technology in IT video surveillance allows the security team to operate cameras and monitor footage from remote locations.

Most Effective 4K IP Security Cameras

What if you could focus right through the crowd, up to the edge of a gaming table and not only see, but also read the numbers on each card as well as the expression on each player’s face while never missing a single frame. Think about having technically “smart” low light casino surveillance cameras that can run at 15 frames a second when nothing much is going on and accelerate to 30 frames a second the instant something happens.

4K IP surveillance cameras store their files, saving you the time and money it would take to search through all of them. They also have the smartest brain and sharpest eyes of any camera system and provide the ideal security solution for any busy casino

Our security management software works hand-in-hand with our video surveillance systems, managing everything. You can install it as many times as you need at no added cost, since our software is license free. Every single feature is included and everything about out video management software is outstanding.