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Video Security and Access Control Systems for Auto Dealers

Car dealerships have an unusual security challenge with millions of dollars in inventory being on display and stored outdoors with on one to protect it after hours throughout the night. This makes them prime targets for vandalism and theft, costing many thousands of dollars in losses.

A highly effective top-quality car dealership surveillance system doesn’t just deter vandalism while keeping your cars from being stolen, it also offers your customers a better buying experience and improves workplace efficiency and safety. Our security solutions for car dealerships have proven to simplify security operations, reduce internal theft, while improving how quickly employees respond to customer needs. From the showroom to the car lots and service areas, we can provide you with the tools to protect your lots from unsavory intruders when you’re there and when you’re not.

Vehicles: There can easily be millions of dollars in cars, vans and trucks on your lot at any given time and most vehicles are stored outside, which makes them vulnerable. Your entire inventory of vehicles should be monitored at all times. The outdoor security cameras monitoring the car lots must be weather as well as vandal proof. They should be set up for remote video monitoring so that owners and managers can observe what’s going on, train employees and take overt action from a remote location when needed.

Auto Parts Inventory: While you most certainly trust your employees, by placing video security cameras at retail counters, in stock rooms and wherever else you store parts, especially expensive ones like those made of copper, will help to reduce shrinkage.

Monitor Employee Behavior: CCTV cameras can keep track of employee behavior and performance to ensure that they are putting the business’ interests above their own. Areas where vehicles are being serviced can be observed to ensure that technicians are performing efficiently and adhering to safety standards. Other service personnel can be watched to determine whether they’re dealing with customers as they’ve been trained.

Customer Monitoring and Analytics: It is important to have a software program that provides video analytics, which provides critical information on how many people looked at a particular car, van or truck, what areas of the car lot are getting the most and least traffic, how many shoppers come into the showroom, etc.

Couriers and Deliveries: With properly positioned security cameras and remote video monitoring, it is easy to make sure that deliveries are occurring when they’re supposed to. You can verify that the proper items are being exchanged.

Images of Weather Conditions: Video cameras can inform you whether ice is building up on the car lot on approaching common areas like the entryway. Be protected with digitally stored images of the floors at all times in the event that someone files a lawsuit against you for a bogus slip and fall.

Intelligent video analytics will automatically warn the guard patrolling the property using virtual perimeters and other means.

We can provide you with IP Cameras, vandal-proof cameras, weatherproof security cameras and much more to protect your auto dealership from losses.