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 Wireless Solutions for Video Surveillance Systems

Wireless Security Camera Systems

You have to take up the option of a wireless system when it’s pretty difficult to install wire/cable for your security system. Nimble Planet Ltd boasts of a large number of chord fewer security cameras and unwired security camera systems designed to match your requirements irrespective of the kind of application. The adoption of 2.4 GHz and 5.8GHz wireless frequencies was perfect for long distance external usage close to about 40km away. According to your application, we are capable of designing your wireless system to operate as a multi-point or a point to point wireless network.

The wireless security system offered by us would serve installations of government, correctional schools, educational businesses and industrial facilities very well. It offers you very clear videos supported by a professional customer service. We have a non-rigid payment plan designed to fit into various budget plans and get the perfect system for your organization.


    PoE Into Wireless-Compatible

    Note that only a small percentage of IP cameras are wireless compatible. However, Nimble Planet Ltd has the requisite experience to convert any PoE security camera system into a wireless-compatible system.

    Wireless Security Cameras

    In locations not friendly with cables, wireless IP camera system would be the perfect choice irrespective of if you intend to use it indoor or outdoor.

    Maximize the Adaptability and Extendability

    of IP Network

    Cheaper Than Expected

    With the adoption of innovative technology at unbeatable low prices, you only need to spend a little amount of money on configuring any PoE surveillance camera to run wirelessly. At Nimble Planet Ltd, we are dependable when it comes to creating a wireless ready PoE camera system.

    Lengthy Distances

    Well installed wireless surveillance camera system is capable of exchanging signals over a length or distance of about 40 km. At locations where the gap or distance between two sites is large or isolated units of buildings, wireless systems can be effectively used for keeping a watch over such units.

    Point to Point System

    This is also referred to as site to site or building to building and it is valuable for applications with an extra unit on the fringes or premises like a student campus or local plot of land.

    Point To Multi Point Solutions

    Are you an owner or manage a company with many units of buildings? We have got it covered because of our expertise in Point to Multi-Point wireless surveillance systems.

    Camera Settings and Location

    The standard rule is to make sure that the camera installed in one site or building must be positioned in the line of sight of the main building. The next step is to insert the PoE injector into the power source whose location is about 300-feet from the camera. To record and watch live video, the NVR or video software system is used to join or connect the wireless antenna (located at the home building) to the main network.

    Specialists in Wireless Surveillance Systems

    With years of experience under its belt, Nimble Planet Ltd is well versed in IP video systems and the construction of wireless security cameras. You can have total confidence in us doing a wireless surveillance system for your building at a competitive price. We also offer the option of customization of camera systems by our technocrats for adequate coverage. Note that restrictions on frequency will be handled perfectly.

    When you become our client, you stand to enjoy professional consultancy, audits at sites and IT support both during and after installation.

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