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 Wireless Technologies

Wireless Technologies

Wireless technology gives the easiest, portable and cost-efficient way to install cameras for a video surveillance application especially for a parking lot or a city’s center surveillance. There is no need to pass cable underground all around the city in as much as there are Ethernet cables.

WLAN security

Since a wireless communication is opened, anyone who has a wireless device within the environment covered by a wireless network can join the network, stop, divert or deflects its information unless such network is secured.

Security technologies like WEP/ WPA/WPA2 were developed in other to prevent unauthorized access to data sent over a network.

Cost-efficient and Quick Way to Deploy Cameras

802.11 WLAN standards

For wireless local area networks, the most common standard is the 802.11 by IEEE. The advantage of using the 802.11 is its license free spectrum operation in comparison with other standards. This means that to install and make use of the network, there is no fee required.
The bandwidth requirement of the device network and the bandwidth capacity of the access point should be put into consideration. On a standard note, a WLAN supports up to half of the bit rate of a useful data which is stipulated by a standard based on protocol overhead and signals. Network cameras that can support up to 802.11g should not be more than five when connected to a wireless access point.

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