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Thermal Security Cameras Systems

Thermal camera security systems

In dark scenarios, thermal network cameras hold an advantage over visual cameras. They are also valuable tools for people and object identification for all round surveillance from dark environs to parking lot lit with a little sun.
The heat radiated from targeted objects or persons are used to produce images by Thermal Network Cameras.
The sensitivity of thermal cameras to light related problems is relatively low examples are in shadows, darkness, backlight and deceptive or camouflaged objects. It, however, produces images that offer operators the chance to identify and work on potentially dangerous activities all through the day and week.
For capturing people and events from dark to sunlit and difficult conditions, thermal cameras is very useful. A reliable identification/recognition cannot be guaranteed from images produced by thermal cameras which emphasize the need for thermal and orthodox cameras to work together when dealing with surveillance.

Extra light sources which may sap energy, produce shadows or reveal locations are not needed by thermal cameras. Unlike orthodox cameras which rely on varying amounts of almost infrared lights to operate well, thermal cameras have the ability to produce very good images for surveillance even when it’s totally dark.

Uses and Applications

Thermal cameras should be your first choice when you require constant identification with a low frequency of false alarms.

Maximize Detection

The fact that living objects mostly have a distinct body temperature from their background makes thermal cameras perfect for identifying humans in different circumstances. Non-living objects also possess a distinct temperature from the surrounding locations which leads to easier identification.

The integrated video analytics and embedded intelligence arms the camera with the ability to analyze the video that was captured. It, therefore, shares the analysis with other cameras in the IP system resulting in better measurability or scalability and effectiveness.

In summary, thermal networks help in the identification of objects, cars, and humans every hour of the day and week. In conjunction with video analytics, it can assist in lessening the frequency of false alarms and minimize costs because only a small number of cameras will be needed for surveillance.

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