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 Wireless Solar Powered Cameras

Solar Powered Wireless Video Surveillance Systems

When AC power is not accessible, isolated solar electric power is perfect for surveillance projects.

Our video surveillance systems produce images in real time, and of a high resolution of up to 30 megapixels. Our Live based systems enable us to provide top notch features such as 2-way audio and analytics for video which can work as an active security video system to identify and dissuade potential intruders.

Integrated Video Management System & Storage

The majority of our solar energy powered camera systems contain an integrated completely functional video management system. The storage system for videos may be in the form of memory(SD) cards inside the camera or SSD drives during the process of using an integrated fanless commercial/industrial computer system. This leads to an entirely autonomous system.

Integrated Video Analytics

Integrated video analytics have the ability to individually recognize human beings and cars. Every other movements and occurrence can be sieved out by analytics with the exception of cars and humans.


    Point to Point Wireless Communication

    There are times when a stable internet service is available; these are the periods when solar energy powered camera systems specifically make use of Point to Point wireless systems. Alternatively, they adopt the 4G/LTE communications.

    Toughened For Unfavorable Conditions and Abnormal Temperatures

    Every of our systems can cope with the toughest environments and temperatures that are to the extreme. According to stated standards, the suitable temperature limit is -22F to 140F(options for longer temperature ranges are possible).

    Maximize the Adaptability and Extendability

    of IP Network

    Reliable For All Day, All year Round Operations at Your Sites

    Our solar powered video surveillance systems are guaranteed to function 24/7 and all year round at your specified site. The solar power plant to be built for you will be dependent on the power requirements for the entire systems, duty sequence or cycle as well as location to be confident of a dependable and relatively less expensive system.

    Simple Installation

    The mounting of systems can be carried out in varying means like mounting with pole, roof, tower, skid, and trailer. Tailor made mounts specifically customized for you is on offer if requested.

    Can Be Seen or Viewed At Any Given Time and Any Location

    The availability of mobile gadgets and phones like iPhones, iPads, Android phones, and tablets makes your camera systems accessible to you. You also have the option of recording images and videos. Immediately a potential threat is identified, an alert is sent in the form of an email accompanied by a photo or video of the event. This makes it possible to promptly resolve the issue or handle the intrusion or sounding out sirens etc.

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