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 Professional Parking Management

Solutions For Parking. Hands-Free, Rolling Entry.

Gates can be opened these days with the aid of Lengthy range access control without stopping the vehicle.
We have a partnership with GeoVision which is essentially a producer of top-notch security systems specializing in research and creation of video surveillance devices and assessment of video content. Our partner, GeoVision is revered as a frontline player in the PC-based video surveillance industry. Its products of video surveillance and access control have been successful in connecting the analog and digital worlds.

Licence Plate Recognition

GeoVision LPR system is the system of choice for many parking lots to connect with their ticket in and out process. The moment a vehicle makes an entry at the gate, the license plate number is captured and recorded by the system. The system sends the license number to the ticketing system which subsequently prints a ticket imprinted with the license plate number. If a ticket is misplaced by a driver, the parking time history is retrieved by the LPR system by the use of its license plate number. For customers on monthly rentals, the GeoVision parking solution is perfectly suitable. Exempted from the stress of checking in and ticketing is vehicles that can produce parking certificates. Thanks to the identification of license plate numbers and enhanced video coverage, customer disputes can be quickly resolved when it arises.

The Parking Solution we offer provides you with a hand free, non-stop entry and prevents long queues at the point of entry.

Maximize the Adaptability and Extendability

of IP Network

The following are carried out by an Access Manager

  • Arrange notification settings for parking lots. Add or remove controllers, cards and its users, access teams and also monitor the live camera scenes from devices that are connected.
  • Connect video from IP cameras
  • Watch the recorded clips of events

  • Manage and control factors such as access to vehicles, maximum allowable time and allowed number of vehicles.

  • Configure mobile applications to help in automatically opening the gate.

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