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 Easy Migration from analog to IP system…

The Jump From Analog To IP

There are numerous advantages of network video over the analog driven technology of CCTV. It reduces the cost incurred, enhances efficiency and produces clearer, better images and videos. It also offers the possibility of connecting your video surveillance system to other systems to explore other business options.
For those who have invested heavily in analog CCTV cameras and associated devices, Nimble Planet has a wide range of equipment like encoders and adaptors to simply make you experience the world of network video while still maintaining your investments in analog devices. Irrespective of how large your systems are, you are offered a route to enhance and upgrade your facilities and equipment with software, recording gadgets and network cameras.

The Easy and Simple Stages

Whether it is an analog or digital system, a video surveillance system is made up of three major sections or parts which are the cameras, cabling infrastructure and the monitoring and recording devices. It is a fact that the aims of your porting determine the products to be selected to assist your migration.

Migrate to IP System but Retain Your Analog Devices

Before going for an IP recording solution, you have to replace your DVRs. The recording solution may be in the form an NVR(Network Video Recorder) or a video management software supported PC-based system. In this process, the coaxial cable from the current analog cameras should be connected to a video encoder. The video encoder is then joined with an IP network. Both mono and multi-channels are fortified or supported by our video encoders. When the installation is a large or moderate one, the chassis of our video encoders provides a great density solution which may be recycled when its time to make the next move of your transition to IP.

Maximize the Adaptability and Extendability

of IP Network

Retain your Coax while Substituting Your Analog Cameras With IP Cameras

At this stage, you have made the decision to add extra network cameras and substituting a part or all of your analog cameras. The length, difficulty, time-sapping and costly nature of analog cameras may make it difficult to replace. At this stage, legacy cabling can be utilized for power and data by choosing to use Ethernet over coax adapters. With the aid of a single adaptor, make a connection between your new IP camera and the analog cable(coaxial). Connect it to the network with the use of another adaptor.
If you were wise enough to have purchased a video encoder chassis during the first stage, its time to enjoy its benefits at this second stage. There’s none of our video encoder chassis that cannot be fitted by PoE+ over Coax blades. An encoder blade can be combined with PoE+ coax blades in different forms and these different combinations can be used at the same time for a transition at any rate.

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