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Video Surveillance for Government

Video surveillance offers government buildings, their facilities and operations, a great security solution. By having a video surveillance system installed, you can improve the security system you already have or begin a comprehensive security solution to keep your employees, records and building a whole lot safer.

Nimble Planet has many years of experience in providing governmental agencies and institutions with very reliable security camera solutions. These also include military facilities, law enforcement agencies, airports, customs, courthouses, and regulators. We are very knowledgeable about the security threats that government organizations face everyday, and by utilizing our expertise and skills along with the services we offer, we can help to minimize them.

We are very familiar with the security needs of government facilities and provide comprehensive services that are specifically designed for this sector. These include highly detailed site evaluations, system configuration, camera demos, installation, integration and support.

The following are a few of the benefits of government surveillance:

Scalable surveillance systems that can grow and expand as needed

Flexible IP security, which allows for mobile and remote monitoring

Prevents vandalism, graffiti and theft

Ensures the utmost in public safety

Deters thieves and other types of criminals

Minimizes everyday security threats

Reduces government liability

 Security Camera Systems for Government

Nimble Planet Ltd has the experts relied upon by government agencies when they want state-of-the-art video surveillance and access control solutions. We have worked with the following types of public facilities and government agencies to successfully implement security solutions:

  • Law enforcement agencies, police stations and prisons
  • Transportation facilities like airports, train stations and bus terminals
  • Public buildings such as embassies and courthouses
  • Public utilities, to include power plants and water treatment facilities
  • Public schools ranging from pre-schools to colleges and universities
  • Public spaces, from city parks to sports stadiums

We have many clients working on government projects who choose us because they know Nimble Planet can seamlessly integrate the latest IP video surveillance system into an existing infrastructure. We offer future-proof and cost effective video security solutions that combine visitor management, loss prevention with high definition video surveillance with unlimited expansion ability to grow according to the security needs.

Applications for State, Local & Municipal Governments

CCTV systems and surveillance cameras can also benefit smaller, more localized governments. Security cameras can protect city transportation facilities such as bus stations. Many local municipalities in Canada rely primarily on video surveillance to provide local security.

Video surveillance can effectively work on a smaller level for more civic applications. City departments of transportation often monitor traffic patterns with surveillance cameras.

While there are many federal applications for surveillance cameras, video security cameras also offer protection for local and municipal government facilities such as courts, office buildings, museums and police stations. For public gatherings, protests, and rallies, law enforcement typically uses surveillance cameras on a temporary basis.