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Video Surveillance and Access Control Systems for Industrial Companies

A good Video Security System can go a long way in protecting your industrial complex or facility from incidents of false accident claims, unauthorized entry, and internal theft. The systems of today are so much more advanced than the time-lapse recorders used in the past or even recently developed Digital Video Recorders.

Nimble Planet has been utilizing innovative network technologies to vastly improve the functionality of industrial video monitoring solutions as well as their scalability. Video security is better than it has ever been in terms of being more effective and a lot easier to manage.

With today’s network technology, we can use the network infrastructure you already have for your IP Video Surveillance System, which reduces your cost for the initial system, maximizing your return on investment for the network infrastructure. Otherwise, we’re able to design and install another video network infrastructure or even a security network if you need several network security systems.

One of the most appealing aspects of a Network Video Surveillance System is that your hardware can be a standard off-the-shelf server and it will work just fine hooked up to your Network Video Recorder because there really is no proprietary hardware that requires the use of a specific manufacturer.

Advancements in technology have allowed Video Analytics to be incorporated into Video Security Systems. Video Analytics can actually identify many different kinds of behavior, both malicious and legitimate. Analytics are useful in determining if someone has entered a restricted or hazardous area. Analytics can also be used in identifying a trespasser jumping over a fence, thereby enabling an immediate response. There are other types of Analytics such as Crowd Detection, Loitering Detection, Object Removal, People Counting, and Unattended Object. These are just a few of the Intelligent Analytics available to enhance the effectiveness and functionality of IP Video Security Systems.

By utilizing IP Technology, we at Nimble Planet Ltd are able to design, engineer and install a tailored Wireless Surveillance System for you that will span multiple locations, have unlimited cameras that can all be easily managed from a centralized location.

Industrial sites like warehouses, energy production (oil and gas), factories, and mining can greatly benefit from the type of security that video surveillance can provide. With the threat of terrorism on the rise as well as the theft of stored raw materials, manufacturing, warehousing and shipping of valuable goods has become riskier and a lot costlier in recent years.

If you are an IT manager, project manager, or own a medium-sized or larger industrial plant, you would be wise to invest in an HD surveillance system. We can provide you with a Video Security System that will help to secure your plant against vandalism, inventory loss, worker safety issues and other types of situations that can arise. Please contact us on our toll-free number to speak with one of our CCTV consultants about scheduling a free security consultation.

We have a team of security specialists who have the background and expertise to make your industrial site safe and secure. We will give you an in-depth assessment and work with whatever budget you have while ensuring that your security needs will be covered. Our services span site evaluations, demo camera testing, configuration, integration and a whole lot more.