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Healthcare Industry Video Surveillance and Access Control Systems

Nimble Planet Ltd is very experienced in providing cutting-edge security camera systems, video surveillance and recording equipment to the healthcare industry. These include pharmacies, private medical practices, hospitals and clinics. As long-time security professionals, we are very familiar with the security threats facing the industry and design systems that offer protection against vandalism, theft, liability lawsuits and dishonest employees.

The CCTV Camera Systems we install make up just one piece of what we offer. We offer comprehensive security solutions that involve innovative project consulting, site security designs, wireless network design, installation configuration and support. The video surveillance system we design will be customized to your specific healthcare organization and needs, which means we will be working with you hand-in-hand from the start.

IP Video Surveillance for Hospitals

Our health is our most precious possession. Unfortunately, healthcare professionals in hospitals are faced with security issues on a regular basis. These can involve disputes over alleged malpractice, theft, and on occasion the kidnapping of a newborn. CCTV Camera Systems have been installed in many hospitals to prevent these things from happening or at least minimize their occurrence with cost-effective security solutions.

Perimeter Security

Surveillance systems are often used to protect perimeters of buildings: Carefully placed high-resolution video surveillance cameras can watch every nook and cranny to ensure that unauthorized people do not enter the compound. Most systems are set up with monitoring software so a gatekeeper can monitor the video feed. Furthermore, if it’s set up with a license plate recognition system hooked up to the CCTV system, there can be automatic controls operating the traffic lights and/or barriers in carriage gateways and/or parking blocks.

Theft Prevention

Sadly, not all “visitors” arrive at the hospital to comfort their loved ones with a bouquet of flowers. Because hospital rooms are mostly unlocked they are easily accessed, making it way too easy for thieves to come in and steal patient or hospital property. This can end up causing the hospital major financial losses. In most situations clear images picked up by HD surveillance cameras installed at emergency exits, hallways, near elevators and/or in the administrative pay office help authorities identify the perpetrator. We can set up the system to have the intelligent search feature for motion within the pictures, which allows relevant image sequences to be found very quickly. Another benefit of our DVRs and NVRs is that recorded images like these are accepted in courts of law for evidentiary purposes.

Video Surveillance Can Save Lives

Patients in hospitals are extremely ill in many cases, especially if they’re in intensive care. They can barely communicate with medical staff if they feel they’re deteriorating. Remote Video Surveillance allows staff to monitor patients at all times 24/7, which allows for a quick response by the treating physician in case of an emergency, and in many cases this can save a life. When recovering from anaesthesia nurses can easily monitor patients from at the nurses’ station.