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Retail Security Systems

Merchandise and man-hours lost in the retail industry approach $40 billion each and every year due to shoplifting, internal and cargo theft and inventory shrinkage. Retail stores are operating on very tight margins and that means security budgets are small, yet they have warehouses filled with merchandise that needs to be protected. Without proper security measures in place, your bottom line is under a great deal of threat. We have been protecting retail stores for many years and can integrate innovative security solutions to solve the problem of retail theft.

Nimble Planet Ltd can provide you with the tools and resources necessary to enhance your store’s loss prevention program by confining your losses to external and internal theft, limiting access to stock rooms and inventory areas, and exposing false slip and fall claims. Our retail video surveillance system solutions are scalable and have the lowest cost to own. Our system will provide your customers with a safer, more comfortable shopping experience while offering you an excellent return on investment.

The technological advancements made in video surveillance over the past few years now make it possible for retail business managers to clearly observe customer activity and traffic, document operations, closely watch how cash is handled, ensure that safety protocols are being met, monitor employee behavior and track inventory.

In addition, every retail store must constantly watch for any signs of theft because dishonest employees can steal cash, equipment, store supplies and even food.

There are many ways that a good video surveillance system will help you improve your day-to-day operations as well as security:

Keep to a minimum false injury claims by employees and customers: Making sure that employees, customers and vendors are safe and not at risk for injury while on your premises is vital in deterring fraudulent claims of injury like slip-and-falls and/or other types of accidents.
POS station: The cash register or what is now commonly called the POS station should constantly be monitored and watched by a video surveillance system. If there are any discrepancies in the amount of cash taken in during the day and what the employee reports after counting the money at the close of the day can be resolved by viewing the video from the security camera.
Entrances and exits: It is vital that everyone entering and exiting your QSR be clearly seen, especially because crimes, even beyond the scope of robberies and break-ins, are known to frequently occur in retail facilities. These include verbal and physical assaults on both employees and customers. When you have high-definition security cameras directed towards the doors at entrances and exits, you get a clear photo of everyone who comes into your store.
Monitor employees: Monitoring the employees is necessary in order to safeguard them, but also to ensure that they’re wearing the appropriate attire and interacting properly with other employees and customers.
Drive-thru window: A drive thru window at a retail store is more likely to be subjected to crime than inside the actual store. Here it’s easier for someone to commit an assault, snatch items without paying, or even make threats before quickly driving away. In these cases there is no time to write down a license plate number. When you have a high-definition surveillance cameras monitoring these spots it can capture license plates.

To summarize, video surveillance cameras offer many benefits in addition to performing standard security measures. They help business owners and retail managers to fine-tune their operations, ensure that shoppers are served quickly and efficiently, and that employees are conducting themselves in a professional manner.