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Video Surveillance Solutions for Restaurants & Bars.

Many business owners are set up with security hardware but their equipment is limited in terms of capability. Security cameras often under-perform or don’t work properly when there is low light. It can be very beneficial to have the type of equipment that is specifically designed to work where the lighting is unusual or practically nonexistent. Infrared cameras offer security when there are no lights on after normal business hours. The megapixel-capability and sophistication of this type of equipment can be vital in protecting your interests after a crime has occurred, especially during prosecution. If you have IP Surveillance Cameras placed around your business, they can have face-recognition technology added for a reasonable price.

If you’re in the restaurant business you are faced with the potential for incidents that could damage the reputation of your establishment through poor reviews and really hurt your profits. Nimble Planet Ltd has extensive experience working with restaurant owners and we’ve become very aware of how vital it is to offer top-notch service so that your patrons have the best possible dining experience. Our primary objective is to get you the tools you and your staff need to run your shifts more efficiently, improve customer service, and protect your profits.

The comprehensive restaurant security camera systems that we install will integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure, incorporating every aspect of the security measures you are already taking. We can offer you an access control system that will safeguard your office and equipment as well as security cameras to watch over the interactions your servers are having with customers. Our security systems are designed to be affordable and we can even customize one to meet your restaurant’s specific needs. All in all, this will enhance safety for both patrons and employees while protecting your profits.


Security Camera Systems for Restaurants & Bars.

Restaurants routinely suffer losses due to waste, theft and employees behaving against company policy. These can be in the form of missing inventory or safety violations, either way the result can be lost profits. By installing security cameras in the kitchen, the back office and in stockrooms you can maintain tighter control over employees and your stock, which is crucial to keep your place running day-to-day. We can design your IP cameras to work in coolers and on the docks where it is typically difficult to monitor inventory.

With our experience as video security installers, we have worked in restaurants big and small and fully comprehend the risks they face daily. From dine-and-dash customers to employee theft, our surveillance solutions will focus in on everything happening in your restaurant and/or bar so that you can be aware of it at all times.

We have a highly trained team of security professionals with skills particularly suited to restaurant surveillance. We offer security consulting, configuration, integration and support to cafes, fast-food chains, drive-thru take-out establishments, restaurants and bars.

The benefits of having a security camera system are as follows:

Monitors the flow of patrons and wait staff to streamline operations
Curtails vandalism and theft
Discourages dine-and-dashers
Remote surveillance enables you to see what’s going on in your restaurant from a tablet or smartphone when you are away