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Video Security for Property Management Companies

Whether you own and/or manage commercial office complexes, multi-family apartments, retail shipping centers or industrial warehouse facilities, our property management security system solutions are customized to each property’s specific needs to aggressively protect your clients from vandalism,       burglary  and theft.

Our highly skilled security professionals can custom design and engineer an entirely scalable security solution to your specifications. They will then install it to integrate every aspect of your security equipment across all your properties so that you can manage it from a centralized location.

Benefits that Property Management Companies Derive from Video Surveillance

Tenant privacy is balanced with the need for monitoring: Commercial property managers must adhere to privacy laws and install visible signage in front of the property that alerts the public that there is video surveillance on the property. If people take issue with this, they have the option of not entering the premises. Another factor is that potential tenants expect there to be transparency, so property managers would be wise to mention that there are video surveillance cameras on site in lease agreements.
Reduce liability: Accidents happen, this is just a fact of life. When you have surveillance cameras strategically placed throughout the property you will have video footage of an accident happening or a dangerous situation brewing. This will give you an objective look at what did or did not happen. Video surveillance will also capture any property damage. If a tree falls in a rainstorm and damages one or more of your units or carports, you will have video footage of the incident to help you deal with your insurance company.

Monitor your employees and outside contractors: When you review your live and recorded video footage, you can find out if your employees are busy doing their jobs. You can also see if your contractors are doing what they were hired to do and arriving on time.

Identify illegal or unruly tenant activity: When you have a video surveillance system, you can monitor your tenants’ behavior very easily. You’ll be able to see your tenants live on a mobile device to find out if they are following safety and other rules. Surveillance video enables you to actually see whether tenants are smoking and flicking their cigarettes on the property, loitering in areas that are off limits, vandalizing or otherwise abusing the buildings.

Catch criminals in the act on camera: Unfortunately, any property can be subject to crime and this is why a video surveillance system should be installed on every property. Security cameras provide the perfect solution for making a record of any criminal act that occurs, including illegal dumping, vandalism, harassment, car theft, graffiti or trespassing.

Improve security in the parking lot and the garage: Security cameras should be installed to monitor not just the buildings and grounds, but also the parking lot and/or garage. The video surveillance systems currently being installed should easily be able to capture license plate numbers, which are very handy in capturing car thieves or in case there’s an accident. Property managers should know that the features that come with today’s video surveillance systems should relieve a lot of the stress that goes with trying to manage one or more apartment or commercial buildings or complexes.