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Hotel Security Camera Systems

Although they do not get a lot of fanfare, hotel security cameras make up a substantial portion of our business in security cameras. The benefits are obvious so having cameras installed has become a universally accepted security precaution in the hospitality industry.
Anyone who has checked into a hotel, motel or resort within the last 15 years has seen a surveillance monitor sitting behind the reception desk displaying a video of the premises for all to see. This is so that the guests, or anyone else, including would-be troublemakers know that everything and everyone in the common areas is being watched and captured on video by the hotel’s security cameras.
When you count hotel staff, guests, vendors and contractors, you have thousands of people passing through a good-sized hotel every single day. With everything going on in the world today, protecting against potential threats to the safety and security of hotels is top priority. This means keeping tabs on people entering the hotel and being able to track their movements.

Guests are entitled to peace of mind when staying at a hotel and know they can sit back and relax throughout their stay. Tourists and business travelers are very savvy these days and by installing a surveillance system and counting this as one of your amenities you offer guests, your hotel will become a preferred destination.

We have hotel video security solutions that will help deter break-ins, vandalism, theft and property damage throughout your hotel by enhancing visibility. This will make your property a safe and secure environment for your staff and guests.

Benefits Derived from Hotel Security Cameras:

Maintains Hotel Security – Hotel security cameras are a big help in keeping your staff, visitors, and guests safe and secure. They deter break-ins, theft and other crimes by allowing you to track anyone who comes onto your property.

Prevents Theft – Hotel surveillance cameras deter possible intruders who would attempt to enter your property. They prevent trespassers from entering exclusive hotel areas like the gym and swimming pools, which is where theft often occurs.
Makes Your Hotel Competitive – Travellers are looking for their hotels to be safe and secure. When you have a hotel CCTV system installed, your guests know they can enjoy peace of mind during their stay at your hotel.
Easy to Install – The latest digital video surveillance cameras are made so that they can be easily installed. Many of the most recent systems only require one wire going between the camera and the recorder.
Monitor Remotely – Both Network Video Recorders along with Digital Video Recorders enables you to monitor your property by viewing the images captured on your cameras from almost any location in the world.

Video Surveillance for the Hotel & Hospitality Industry
Security cameras play a vital role in protecting hotels, motels, resorts and other types of lodging. Surveillance cameras are more important than ever as the industry is experiencing a substantial increase in the number of travelers with guests being at maximum capacity. All hotel staff, employees, guests and the property itself should always be monitored with security surveillance to keep everyone safe and secure on the grounds. The right hotel surveillance security system will give your guests peace of mind by helping to protect your property.

Nimble Planet Ltd offers a broad range of services to our customers in the hospitality industry. We provide a very detailed site security audit that includes an evaluation of camera location, configuration, installation, and integration so that we can make a recommendation that will accommodate your needs and deliver excellent results.