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Gas Station CCTV Camera Systems

Gas stations can benefit enormously from CCTV video surveillance because just like convenience stores, they make easy targets for thieves. A video surveillance system works to safeguard your gas station from thieves, graffiti artists, vandals and other unsavory characters who otherwise might cause damage.

The types of CCTV camera systems we provide are specially adjusted to capture license plates in both daytime and nighttime, while maintaining a wide enough viewing angle to see the entire vehicle. Continue reading to find out how this small security camera system would be able to provide your gas station with the security it needs.

Why You Need Video Surveillance at Your Gas Station

Gas stations make likely targets for illegal acts like theft and tampering. Well-placed Gas Station Security Cameras are a vital security measure when trying to protect your property, assets, employees and customers.

The most common incidents of theft committed against gas stations are when people speed away without paying for their gas and the theft of car accessories or different items being sold on the premises. There has also been an increase in armed robberies at gas stations with a lot of money being taken from the cash registers and/or safes. When there is an inadequate protection of the premises, incidents like this are more likely. Often times there are few employees on the premises, maybe only one person, and the monitoring center or police station is nowhere nearby, so gas stations are often targeted by thieves and other criminals.

A well-designed gas station video surveillance system can be relied on to improve the safety and security of your gas station on every level.

Advantages of Security Camera Systems at Gas Stations:

Employee Surveillance – Unfortunately not all employees are honest. A reliable CCTV Camera System gives you the wherewithal to monitor your employees to see if they’re stealing from you. The camera system also deters vandalism and the general misuse of your property. If you suspect an employee of wrongdoing, wireless camera surveillance may provide the answer, especially if your employees handle cash. Cameras directed towards cash drawers or other spots where employees work will show you if they’re stealing, but more importantly, they will prevent employees from doing something illegal because they know the camera is running and they could be caught.
Theft Prevention – A good security camera placed over the cash register and/or above the gas pumps can deter would-be thieves. These cameras also focus on the license plates of vehicles in order to catch offenders. If someone is caught on camera breaking the law, law enforcement can easily view the footage, release the photos to the media and people will call in identifying the perpetrators. When you have Remote Monitoring – NVR or DVR as part of your security system you can view the footage via the Internet using your computer, smartphone or tablet from wherever you happen to be. You can even monitor several locations at once.
Added Safety and Security – When you have Surveillance Cameras as part of your security system it gives assurance to your customers that they are doing business at a safe gas station and this will keep them coming back and ultimately increase profits.