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Bank Security Camera Systems and Access Control Systems

To thoroughly protect banks and financial institutions using video surveillance, quite a few areas must be covered so they can be closely monitored. These would include teller windows, entrances and exits and of course exterior ATMs. 

Banks are considered to be among the most secure buildings anywhere in the world, so it is vital that they have all the tools necessary to ensure that the money inside is fully protected. The public relies on banks to keep their money and valuables safe, so banks are obligated to keep their commitment to do so. In order to provide a safe and secure place that people can depend on, a top-notch video surveillance system is required. With the latest advancements in digital technology and especially IP surveillance, banks are jumping on-board to improve the effectiveness of their existing security systems by implementing this innovative new technology.

Benefits of Having Video Surveillance Systems installed in Banks & Credit Unions

Deters check fraud – By having IP video surveillance systems that use the latest in video analytics like facial recognition, banks can better combat check fraud through the recording of transaction data and actually capturing clear images of the offenders. This is how criminals are identified and customer accounts protected.

Prevents robberies – Banks are the main target of criminals in dire need of a large amount of money. When your bank is set up with a top-notch surveillance system, it acts as a deterrent for criminals who might otherwise try to hold your bank up. If they still proceed to rob you, at least you will have their images on video to assist authorities in apprehending and prosecuting the bank robbers.

Monitors ATM withdrawals – It’s fairly common for customers to claim that money has been withdrawn from their bank account without them knowing anything about the withdrawal. Bank security cameras record a video every single ATM transaction and this can certainly provide answers as to who may have withdrawn the money.

Intelligent camerasIntelligent security cameras that provide video analytics like facial recognition, behavioral recognition and motion detection can identify abnormal, odd or suspicious activity occurring inside and around the exterior of the bank.

Digital storage – The management and storage of surveillance footage with digital technology are more convenient, more efficient and far more accessible than older methods. It also has advanced search capabilities that help pinpoint specific incidents and identify the suspects a lot faster and easier than ever before.  

Data recognition – With digital technology video surveillance systems are capable of performing more advanced data recognition tasks that are very useful when searching through video footage.

Greater customer confidence – A comprehensive bank video surveillance system will give your customers more confidence in the security of your bank, knowing that you are doing all you can to keep their money is safe.

With an IP – surveillance system you can monitor your bank from an off-site remote location. You can watch the video in real time and retrieve archived footage from any device with network access hooked up to the Internet.